Camping Gear

What Makes a Camping Knife Great

It is summertime, and you have decided to go out with your loved ones for a unique camping trip. It has been months, perhaps years since you have been out camping. That is when you have forgotten something. You have misplaced your old, perfect camping knife. Is it truly possible that a camping knife could be that important? How should you select your new camping knife?  

The uses of a camping knife

The first thing to consider is for what you will need the camping knife, to narrow down your options. Looking back, you realize that cooking is close to impossible without it. Moreover, for rafting activities and other games that require a rope to be cut will need only the sharpest of edges. Starting a fire, cutting up wood, setting up the tent, cutting roasting sticks, all of those activities require a particular type of knife that will make your life easy during camping. For example, if you will only use the knife to set up a tent or cut an apple, then a low maintenance one might be enough. On the other hand, if you will be using it for a rescue rope or extreme activities, then a sharp edge and highly resistant camping knife is a must. Once you have determined what you need the camping knife for, you can proceed to select one according to their specific properties. 

The proper length 

As opposed to a kitchen knife where sometimes the more prolonged the blade, the better, when camping, you would want to keep your knife between four and five inches in length; this way, your work will be performed in a precise, safe manner. 

The perfect weight

Picture yourself on an extreme hike during that camping trip you are about to take. You are hiking an incredibly steep hill, and you feel a heavyweight weighing you down on your pockets. You decidhe to check what it is, and you find the camping knife you purchased only a week ago. Definitely not the best choice. On the other hand, a camping knife that is as light as a single hair will only make you lose the stability of the knife itself. A good camping knife needs to weigh a bit over 100 grams without the handle weight. That would make the weight of your knife perfect.

The material and type of blade

You can choose between high carbon steel and stainless steel knives. Although high carbon steel has increased resistance to corrosion, which will save you quite a significant amount of time due to their low maintenance requirements; stainless steel knives have a sharp edge that will hold for a prolonged period. It is also recommended to get a locking blade type of knife, where the folding mechanism will let you to combine the convenience of a stable fixed blade with the security of a safely folded pocket knife. 

Handles and their styles

Aside from ensuring that the perfect blade is chosen, an ideal handle is also a must. Having an excellent grip will help you and provide you with the control and support you need when handling a knife. One of the best choices for handles is the rubber handle. On top of being water-resistant, they also possess a good grip. Unfortunately, they might not be as durable as stainless steel handles, but they are still a great choice. 

In summary, once you have figured out what you will use the knife for, choosing its properties will help you have the best experience with the camping knife. The length, weight, material, and type of blade/handle you pick will define the sharpness, precision, and durability of your knife. When the right one is chosen, you can make the best use out of it.