Knife and Law

Legalities of Camping Knives

You are touring the United States of America, walking down the streets, enjoying your time. You like fixing things; you find it exciting and stress-releasing, which is why you carry a pocketknife in your bag at all times: you never know when it might become useful. During your visit to the state of Alabama, the person right behind you is carrying a bowie knife attached to their hip. All you can think of is, is that even legal? You move on to your next state on the trip, Oklahoma; you get stopped by the local police, and during their search, they find your knife. Next thing you know, you are being arrested for possession of a weapon and taken to the police station. Vacation is over.  

It might turn out as a surprise to you, but actually, every country, estate, province, has specific knife/blade rules to which you must comply. 

Knives at The United States of America

Generally speaking, the majority of the United States allows for you to have auto-open knives with a few exceptions. In the Virginia state, it is not allowed to own any knife, whereas, in Michigan and Minnesota, all sorts of knives are entirely legal. In some other locations, such as Montana, it is not allowed to conceal blades that are over 4 inches; however, it is perfectly legal to carry them when not concealed. If you are planning to travel to the United States and you are a knife-lover, make sure you check the regulations to avoid any bad experiences or surprises. 

Knives in Australia

Australia also has variation in the law regarding knives; however, they are not as hard to keep track of like the ones in the United States of America. For instance, in general, and with a few exceptions, it is illegal to carry a knife in Australia. 

In Western Australia, if you happen to have a lawful excuse to carry a knife, you might get away with it. For example, if you are volunteering at community lunch, and you are one of the cooks, it is acceptable and understandable for you to carry a knife. In other locations such as Queensland, a utility knife such as a Swiss Army one is allowed. 

Camping Knives

Depending on the location and the law that applies during your camping trip, you might get away with a small camping knife. Usually, having a blade whose purpose is to assist you during your trip rather than to harm others is not frowned upon. The majority of the United States allows having camping-knives and auto-open knives without any problems, as opposed to Australia, where any type of knives, including camping ones, are prohibited unless you have a reasonable excuse. 

As a good recommendation, if you would like to remain on the safe side, it is better to simply not have a knife at all. However, it is doubtful that anyone can go camping without a camping knife to make their life easy. In such cases where a reasonable excuse is there, feel free to carry a camping knife with you. Nonetheless, if you like to have a knife in your bag just for the sake of doing it, it is recommended that you limit yourself to the multipurpose knives such as the Swiss Army to avoid problems. 

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