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Camping Knives That Will Change Your Life

Leaving for your camping trip has never been more exciting. Everything is packed, you and your companions have been planning all year long for this upcoming trip. More than getting there, what truly excites you is that between your companions and yourself, you have all managed to collect the three best-camping knives there are. 

Knife #1: The Morakniv Companion

Having the perfect grip is one of the essential things in a knife, aside from the blade, of course. The rubber handle that the Morakniv Companion knife has along with the extremely sharp blade, make this knife your go-to option for slicing an apple, chopping vegetables, and dividing up portions of food. It weighs 120 grams approximately; it has a 4.1-inch blade, which is stainless steel. It is clearly not a knife made for heavy-duty work, yet its size makes it uniquely useful. Re-sharpening the edge is necessary, yet an enjoyable task to perform. 

Knife #2: The Ka-Bar Becker Companion

Trying to bring down a few trees during your camping trip will not be a problem with this state of the art, heavy-duty knife. Weighing almost half a kilogram, with a 5.25-inch chromium-vanadium steel blade that is uniquely sharp, this knife will not disappoint you when cutting through tree branches and firewood. As an added advantage, this knife has a steel extension at the handle, which makes it perfect to use on the tent stakes as a hammer. It is a completely balanced knife that will provide you with the stability you need when cutting through thick material. Although it is quite challenging to clean it due to its thickness, it is the closest knife to a machete that you could possibly have during your camping trip.

Knife #3: Schrade SCHF 36 Frontier Companion

Although not as tough as the KA-Bar Becker Companion, this knife can be used for less thick tree branches and firewood without a problem. It is definitely not designed for kitchen use during food preparation. One of the most significant advantages of this knife is the significantly friendlier price, it is not as expensive as the Ka-Bar, and it can be potentially used for the same, at a smaller scale. 

It weighs around 350 grams, has a blade length of 5-inches, and it is coated with carbon steel.  The rubber handle has a little finger notch closer to the blade for a firmer grip and more precision during handling. Even though it is not as durable and you will find some healthy scratches and wear and tear marks after a month of usage, the affordability of this product and its usefulness made it one of the top three best camping knives to have. 

For each of the three knives mentioned above, it is recommended you know their properties, maintain them as they need, and use them on the specific tasks that they can handle. By doing so, you are in for a fantastic experience during your camping trip with only the best quality camping-knives possible. 

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