A Pocket Knife Winner: CRKT Drifter

The CRKT drifter made it to the top of the list regarding pocket knives, due to the perfect blend of high quality, flawless ergonomic handle, incredible portability, and its unique low price which makes it very affordable. To be honest, I have to give credit when credit is due. I would have found this knife if it weren’t for my best mate Kyle from Plasterer Sydney.

Let us take a look at its one of a kind properties. 

Ergonomics of the handle

Simplicity always wins. That is the case with the CRKT Drifter knife, where a perfectly simple, standard handle beat up the odds and made it to the best. With absolutely no notches nor finger groves, and basic shape, this simplistic handle works perfectly well with everyone, everywhere and at all times. Besides providing the user with a comfortable grip, its practicality and simplicity aids in lowering its price in the market. 

The shape of the blade

With an all-purpose, traditional, and again, simplistic drop-point blade shape, sharpening the edge of the CRKT Drifter makes it an enjoyable experience as opposed to a painful one. Usually, for certain tasks, specific blade shapes will be more convenient than others. However, you can count on the drop-point form of this knife for an all-purpose, general use tool that is convenient for everyone. The blade is made of titanium nitride, which is a high-quality blend of metals that makes it resistant to rust.

Convenient size

The CRKT Drifter can compact itself in such a way that you can easily fit it inside your pocket without even noticing its presence. It has a length of 6.5-inches when open and 3.7-inches when closed and weighs as light as 68 grams. It also contains a tight clip in the box so you can clip the knife to your pocket. Unfortunately, the clip does not vary in size, so the user is stuck with a one size clip at all times. However, its utility far overcomes its lack of flexibility. 

Locking option

Some consider the locking option a hazard, and some consider it a safety measure. The CRKT Drifter contains a small, simple yet perfectly safe liner lock that can make the knife adequate for more demanding tasks. 


Again, simplicity always wins. This knife is under $40.00 in cost, which makes it extremely affordable for a pocket knife. It is an essential, single blade pocket knife that beats the odds in the market regarding perfect price balance and good quality. 


As if all the unique qualities above were not enough, the CRKT Drifter also brings in uniqueness within its simplicity. Thanks to the flat areas present in the frame or the blade, this knife can be personalized. Either by imprinting on it by silkscreen or laser, you can make it unique. Also, engraving works just as beautifully in all flat areas. 

In summary, the unique low price of the CRKT Drifter knife combined with its conveniently small size, long-lasting blade, locking options, ergonomic blade, and personalization opportunities made this knife the top one of the list. The simplicity in the materials, along with the design itself, has made it not just functional, but genuinely unique and practical. 

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