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"What is conceived well is expressed clearly."

How will I benefit from owning a Shefftek Outdoor Knife? isn't that the question you ask yourself when reading through this site for the first time?

Let us try to answer this question . . . . . .

* You will experience a feeling of pride in the ownership of a knife made in Sheffield, England - the home of cutlery.

* You will own a purpose designed knife for outdoor work. . . A knife which is robust, easy to carry and to clean, a knife you will begin to depend on.

* We promise that you will have friendly efficient service that will make purchasing on the internet a pleasure.

* Whichever outdoor activity you enjoy you will never regret the few bucks spent on a quality product.

* Every time you take the knife from your fishing vest, gardeners tray or hunting pocket you will experience both pride and pleasure in your purchase.

* You will own a treasured possession which will last you for years to come.

* When asked where you bought the knife you will know that it is not available from the local store. You will own a knife with 1000 years of pedigree behind it.

Need we continue ?

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Our range of knives are tough, durable utility knives and must be used lawfully and safely. This high quality range of knives are not on sale to persons under the age of 18 years, please read our terms and conditions.
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The British Army knife and the Oceanmaster Yacht knife are popular with military, sailing, camping, hunting and survival enthusiasts. A part of British history, the Army knife, is avidly sought by knife collectors world-wide. Whether you are a collector of militaria, pocket knives or just want a tough Sheffield knife as an addition to your sailing bag, camping equipment or survival kit, our fine blades will serve you well.

The British Army Knife

The British Army Knife has been used by generations of brave British soldiers and has been carried onto the battlefield since the beginning of the last century. Maintaining its traditional design this fine knife is still produced and still purchased by the British Army today. All the finest characteristics of the British Army are contained within this high quality knife. Toughness, steadfastness & versatility are just a few of the qualities which have served the British soldier on the world's battlefields. This knife proudly serves alongside the British Tommy every step of the way. it is literally "As tough as the troops"

The Oceanmaster Yacht Knife

The Oceanmaster Yacht Knife will prove to be a valuable addition to any sailor's kit. The unique blade design is always popular with the crew as each blade or tool is designed to be used and opened with gloved hands. Whether you are crewing in the Solent or Skippering in the South Atlantic you will find this tough and durable knife a welcome addition to the boat, a tool which will soon be in constant use.

The history of blade making in Sheffield, England

The history of blade making in Sheffield, England is so deep as to require volumes to tell and to detail the full history of blade manufacture in Sheffield would take a web site of mammoth proportions, such is the depth of our history. We Sheffielders are proud of this history and that the skills learnt over the centuries have not only been retained by today's cutlers but that we are adding our own page to the wonderfully rich tradition for which our city is justifiably famous.

Tower of London

Sheffield has been the home of cutlery for almost the last thousand years. Way back in 1340 when King Edward III (1312-1377 AD) was King over England, Ireland and France, an inventory of his possessions in the Tower of London made note of a Sheffield Knife. In fact he so valued this knife that it was recorded in his will. You can be sure that the beneficiary must have been equally as proud as the King to own such a treasured item.
Later on in the 1380's Chaucer wrote about a Sheffield knife in the Reeves Tale. Interestingly portraits have been painted of Chaucer wearing such a knife.

An abundance of natural resources in Sheffield gave rise to the cutlery industry. The beautiful surrounding hills produce six rivers which flow through the city and were used to power the water wheels. Good quality iron ore and coal to smelt and forge are found locally together with sandstone for the polishing and grinding wheels. Our ancestors used these natural gifts and developed their talents over many generations to earn the respect of the world with the quality of their knives.
Throughout history these knives have given pleasure to King and commoner alike, thanks to today's modern technology we can now show our wares to a wider audience.
Made in Sheffield for people who recognise quality.

Technical details of our outdoor knife blades

At the end of the 19th century the Sheffield cutlery industry employed around fifteen thousand people and as the 20th century came to life the constant quest for improvement in the manufacture of cutlery increased pace. In the 1920's an exciting new development was made public by a local Sheffield metallurgist - STAINLESS STEEL. It became the industry standard for cutlery. Having now had time to further develop stainless steel from this fresh beginning we begin the 21st century with exceptionally advanced materials from which our cutlers can produce truly fine blades.
Our outdoor knives are produced from a range of stainless steels called Martensitic stainless steels. The steel has been specially formulated for cutlery and in particular knife blades and gives an extremely keen edge due to the hardness.
For those of you interested in the technical specification of the stainless steel used for the blade, below are a few details for your interest. For those of you not so technically minded you may enjoy the History of Blade Making instead.

Grade of Stainless Steel
Martensitic Stainless Steel European Designation : 1.4034

The characteristic feature of this Martensitic Stainless Steel is its ability to be hardened by quenching and tempering. This steel has excellent fatigue behaviour combined with good corrosion resistance.

Corrosion Resistance
Due to the chromium content of 14% (mean) this Martensitic Stainless Steel can be used in contact with foodstuffs. The good corrosion resistance is due to a careful balance of the alloying elements used to obtain high strength after quenching. This grade is particularly suitable for applications requiring resistance to corrosion in the following media :-

1) Fresh waters and streams.
2) Oils
3) Picric and lactic acids
4) Chloride free neutral and alkaline salt solutions.

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